Monday, November 23, 2015

It's time to mumbling alone again~~~
Time flies~~~
Life needs to continue no matter what!
So stress now again due to my studies~
Even I don't know how to cope with it!
Haiz... Hope everything will eventually become better soon!!!
*Pray hard*

Monday, June 29, 2015



Sunday, April 14, 2013

Who am I?

I really don't know what or who am I to you now. Even others' girl friend, a game, a news in the newspaper or anything can be more important than me! I'm sad and stress. Yet, no one really cares! No one really care who am I or what I am. What ever happen to me, just be it. Even though after accident also no one cares about your feelings, how you feel or did you hurt, injured or shocked. This is my current situation? I don't know how to discuss those complicated feelings inside now! Should I leave? Should I just leave all things behind? Start my new life? Forget about these bad stuff. I always tell myself, this is only for a short while... After all, the situation worsen and now: IGNORANCE. I don't know how long more I can stand this! I'm usually not the type of person but this time, I really do hope there will be changes on HIM.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Long time din post blog...
Insomnia again! Dunno y even with him here!
I also forget when is the last time I insomnia!
Me being weird!!! Totally emotional!
Am I demanding too much?
Am I too stressed?
Have I being hurt too much that day?
I dunno the answer! How I wish someone will!
I dont know what am I wishing and waiting for?
I dunno what I want now!
I just wish to cry loud under the rain!!!
Just like that! The usual me!!!
Who tends to hide all my emotions!!!
Who not willing to depend on others!
Who loves rainy day!
When she can run and play in the rain!!!
But, secretly drop her tears with them!
And pretend nothing happen and SMILE to others~~~
How I wish to get the little girl back!!!!
Please come back!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I've changed a lot~~~
I'm so surprise when I, myself found that!!!
Attitude, emotion, frantically everything surrounding me!!!
I don't know why and when I've done so.
Maybe it's because my life is no longer alone, no longer single...
I've to deal with HIM, my special one!
One thing I can't accept the most is:
He said I shouldn't be.
But, I really did and I meant it!
That's how jealousy and all come...
I want him to be mine!!! Only belongs to me!
I want him to spent time only for me! Not others!
I want him to care for me and etc etc etc...
I've turned to be selfish!!!
I hope I can change it!!! Please accept this ME!!!
cuz I still love you, my heart remains the same!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I knew you've tonne of problems. I knew you're stressed too. I knew. I knew.
But, why you just don't want to share them with me? Don't trust me? Maybe you just don't want me to worry?
Anyhow, your condition now is making me worry that my spines are all cold from top till bottom. I'm so worry about you now. Can you just share your burden with me? Tell me what happened? What is bothering you? Just don't let me guess, k?
You always don't like me to think so much. But, do you know that you're the one who make me think so much!!! I don't know how to rephrase it. Just "YOU"! You are the one that will cross my mind each time! Even you are unwilling to share your problem with me, I'll try to guess or try to figure them out by my own thinking. How stupid I'm?!
I just don't know how to help you! So helpless being there watching you suffer from a reason I don't know and yet can't help at all. You know how does that feel?